Replacing Teeth

Are you missing teeth? Whether they’ve been lost from an accident or from a tooth extraction, it’s important to replace them so your mouth and remaining teeth have stability.

Depending on the location of the missing tooth and how many teeth are missing, our dentists will give you all the options available to you and that may include: 

Dental bridges: Cosmetic dentistry in Richmond

To fill the gap after the loss of a tooth, and to keep remaining teeth from shifting, a dental bridge is often a good option. Bridges help you eat and talk properly and keep remaining teeth from shifting.

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Another common option is a dental implant. This is a strong, titanium-alloy post, that is surgically placed in the jaw bone. This artificial root then acts as an anchor to hold a natural-looking crown.

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Dentures are often recommended when you are missing multiple teeth on the same arch. Partial dentures and complete dentures have long been used as an effective way to replace missing teeth. 

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Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, you have options available. Schedule a consultation with our Richmond dentists today and we’ll see what options we can recommend for you.