Richmond Dental Hygiene

Seeing a dental hygienist in Richmond for regular dental maintenance is important for your overall physical and social health. However, that’s no replacement for regular home care of your teeth, gums, and mouth.
Uneven tooth surfaces, especially under the gums or near the roots of teeth are common places for bacteria to collect. Even with regular brushing and flossing there are many areas of your mouth you just can’t reach, or don’t even know you’re not reaching. 
If left untreated, this bacteria can cause plaque and tartar build-up, inflammation (gingivitis), bleeding, and bad breath or ultimately lead to gum disease, bone loss (periodontitis), weakening of surrounding structures, and eventually result in tooth loss.

Our Dental Hygiene Services

Our dental hygiene services often include scaling and root-planing (which target the removal of bacteria above and below the gums). It is performed using specialized instruments that include either ultrasonic water jets or hand tools. 
Our hygienists are passionate about helping you maintain clean teeth and gums. Our gentle approach gives you healthier, stronger gums and teeth and a smoother tooth surface, making it easier to maintain an effective dental hygiene routine at home.
Let us help you maintain your healthy smile. Contact us today to set up Richmond dental hygienist appointment!