Changes are happening, retirement is in the air!

Dr. Cofman and Dr. Sue have officially retired as of the end of February, 2018.  Mal and Steve said "good-bye" to the regular grind of a work schedule and an excited "hello" to more time for travel, hobbies and making memories with their families.  But we wish them well on their well-deserved retirement!

No one is an island so we all feel the change as the team shifts, but we want to assure you, our valued patients, that some things DON'T change.  You will continue to receive excellent care from all of us here at Blundell Dental!  

Between Dr. Jason, Dr. Keith, and their associate, Dr. Sonny, someone is on hand 6 days a week to care for the dental needs of you and your family.

So if you used to see Mal or Steve, you are not abandoned.  Call us today and we will set you up with a great dentist.